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The visitor side should already be translated (ro_RO.mo) and load automatically if the home site is installed with ro_RO.

The question is then the Admin side, which would be pretty huge undertaking. I’ve not yet produced a “master” .pot file with all the translation source strings for the full theme – just the visitor side. Partly because the admin strings are till pretty fluid – lots of tweaks still as we refine the messages based on user input, and add new options.

But if you think a ro_RO admin side translation would be something you’d like to do, then great! If you’ve not done this before, I can point you to the translation information pages (or you can search for them). The main tool I think most translators use is called Poedit, and I think there is both Windows and a Mac free version.

If you want to start that, let me know and I can generate an “official” .pot file used as the master translation source for Poedit.