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You appear to have a rule

#content {margin:30px;}

that is screwing up everything as there should not be any left and right margin on content. If adding left and right margins on content, they MUST be in % and the width % must be adjusted as well, or else the total will go over 100% and cause the stacking.

if you added that rule remove it, you have top and bottom margin boxes available in main options > Content areas as well as left and right padding boxes.

If you did not add that rule, check in Main options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box to see if it came fro a sub theme and remove it.

You also appear to have a broken HTML structure, as the Secondary sidebar widget area is ending up in a Font tag… (<font color=”#030e24″>) which is not right 

You need to run your content through an HTML validator to see what could be causing that and fix it