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You have to separate creating the Custom Post types and custom fields, and creating templates.

To create the Custom Post Types and Custom Fields, you definitely want a plugin.

Then the question is how do you want to display these Custom post types. Depending on the type of layout you need, you will likely be able to simply use the Page with posts template provided by the theme with its options and eventually some custom CSS.
An alternate solution is to use Weaver Show Posts Plugins, which also accepts Custom post types, and allows you to combine several Show_posts shortcodes with regular content on any given page.

Once you have the Custom Post types / Custom Fields created, you need to experiment with both, and if you run into difficulties, explain in detail what you are trying to achieve. Then we can help determine if you may need to create Custom templates.

As far as the Types plugin versus the Advanced Custom Field, I cannot answer as I do not know the later. But as far as creating Custom Post types and custom field, any plugin should provide the basics, and let you test if you can layout your posts using the theme tools or the show_posts plugin.