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Hey Scrambler – I mentioned I’m using Weaver II Pro at the bottom of the post, but I forgot the site- it’s http://thesunpilots.com

The same problem happens with [weaver_show_posts] so maybe this thread should be moved to a Weaver category.. I’ve investigated further and found the width of the images in the shortcode was being affected by the Post Specifics -> Featured Images -> Featured Image Width, Blog settings. I have this set to 100% as I like to have full width featured images on my regular blog pages.

@weaver If the Weaver shortcode / ATW plugin could have a size=”thumbnail/medium/large” variable, it would be fantastic and make it much more flexible. Would you consider adding it to the next update? I imagine it would be fairly easy to implement with something like wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id($postid), $imagesize )