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Thanks @weaver 🙂

You are quite right @scrambler – on checking my syntax again for the umpteenth time I found that silly me had a colon instead of an equals sign. I’m too used to using colons, I guess 🙂

@weaver – there is a typo in the help document:
[tab_group border_color=black page_min_height=200px]
should be
[tab_group border_color=black pane_min_height=200px]

Also, a nice-to-have additional parameter would be the ability to set the font color.  There are parameters to set the background color for both “tab” and “selected_tab” but, when using dark colors for these, the default black font color is no longer readable.  I know it is easy enough to change with CSS but being able to change the color via a shortcode parameter would be great 🙂