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This is going back to another thread I started that it may not have been conveyed appropriately on my end. http://forum.weavertheme.com/discussion/comment/59667

Both sites are running now so you can see. The slider is in pre-container on old site for home page..and it hides on non home pages. So if you see the old and then new you notice that the margins on slider match content. That is not the way it should be. The slider should be flushed left and the content ONLY margined. If I use the Container Top it drops the side widgets on the right and those should not be dropped below the slider they should remain to the right of the slider.
Moving on to other pages – http://wislions.org/about-us/ [old site] – notice that this is in “premain” which is no longer. So now if we were to do the same thing as above we run into the same problem. Image doesn’t flush left and/or it drops the side widgets down (right side widgets).
Hopefully this clears up the confusion. I can take a video of this later and explain in depth while I am doing all of the above if that helps to understand as well!