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hmmm. I don’t think that is the reason the page seems to ‘jump’. If you are using a child theme I think there’s a minor issue between main theme and its child. I hesitate to call it a ‘bug’ but I have seen it happen on wordpress and also on blogger (I’ve got both types of blogs). Note: when I handtag my other sites (not blogs) the page never ‘jumps’.
Since I am new to wordpress, still learning it, I cannot be ‘certain’ the problem is with wordpress, it can definitely be operator-error.  I mean I ‘think’ the jumpiness comes from the system reading the main theme’s stylesheets/functions and then reading the child stylesheets/functions. But since I moved to weaver xtreme I have not yet seen the need for a ‘child’ because the theme itself is so multi-dimensional in features.