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Hi Scrambler & Gillian,

Here is what’s happening…

I cleared my browser cache (IE, Firefox & Chrome) as well as the page cache of the W3 Cache plugin. When I browse to my site with all three browsers the “BLOG” page looks correct – yaa!

I then logged into the WP dashboard for the site via all three browsers and did what Scrambler suggested and changed the colors. When I select “Visit Site” via the WP dashboard and then go to the “BLOG” page most of the time I get the correct display but sometimes it’s the original problem. I took a screen shot but I can’t attach it to this message.

What happens now is that I lose the black WP bar above the site when I view the “BLOG” page but the black bar remains there when I view my other pages. Not sure why but I don’t want to be sidetracked further.

Thank you both for your help. It appears that the issue has nothing to do with why I contacted the support forum.