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I suspect you may be using the Weaver Slider Posts and the Show Posts shortcode in error.

There is really no reason to use the Weaver Slider Posts to create and display regular posts.

Weaver Slider Posts are not regular posts, and this is why they do not show up in a page using the page with posts template. they are only meant to be displayed using the Show post Filter/shortcode.

Regular Posts should be created using WordPress posts and can be displayed using  a page that uses the Page with posts template, and then filtered and formatted using the options on that page.

The Show Posts shortcode can display regular WordPress posts, and is usually only needed when you want to display regular Posts in other areas like widgets, or when you need to do some special mix between regular content and Posts.

The Weaver Slider posts are usually only needed when you want to create sliders of content that you do not want to be mixed up with posts.

So if you have a specific reason for using Weaver slider posts AND Show posts, please elaborate so we can be sure this is the way to go.

If not, just create your posts using WordPress Posts, and create your blog page using a page based on the page with posts template.

The site title and tagline can be removed from all pages by using the hide option fro each of them in Main options > Header ? Site Title / tagline “Hide Area” option drop down list.

if you need it on some pages but not others, then you can use the per page options for your created pages, but if you need to remove it from Single post pages while keeping it on other pages, then you would need to add some custom CSS. let us wait to have clarified the above before going into that 🙂