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You need to be more specific about what you mean and actually want to accomplish.

There is only one header widget area that can be placed in various location, but that widget area can have any number of widgets arranged any number of ways (especially if you have plus with custom widget width), so within it you can create any layout you want.

If you need a group of widgets in different location within the header, you can then use the various HTML insertion area for that. You can create your own widget layout within them. I have a generator below if you need complex widget layouts that are responsive and adaptive and you don’t wish to code them


Or if you are not using all of extreme Widget areas (like top / bottom…), you can use one of them with a per page widget area and a widget area shortcode as explained in Item B of the thread below


If that does not answer your question, please provide a link and be more specific about what you wish to accomplish