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Hi Scrambler, sorry for the delay mate. So it is by no means a completed product and the page acts differently because of all the settings which changed things drastically (headers, widget area, menus etc etc). But I created a page with the same basic functionality as in the website I am creating.

So the content column on the left in my website is attached to the top and I would like its background to stretch to the bottom of the browser (just color if no content), if the content takes it past the browser height then scrolling is fine. You can see that the background image will be covered on the left hand side which makes it look like a column, but actually the right column is just empty of content.

I hope this helps a bit with what I am trying to do. I know browser height is a difficult one, but in reality I suppose I am just trying to make the content area stretch to the bottom, it just so happens that one column has a background color and the other is transparent. I hope you like puzzles! 🙂

Appreciate you taking the time with this bud