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Thanks guys, yep I don’t mind how I get it done (javascript) as long as I can do it! 🙂

Thanks scrambler, I realize I am making things more difficult by not being able to link to the page so appreciate your efforts without it.
That is what I want but using the HTML above is breaking things (maybe because of my existing code). I am pretty much dead on with what I want, it is purely not being able to get the left column with text content to reach to the bottom of the browser even if there is not enough content to push it there. Of course it is easy to give it say {min-height: 1000px;}, but that makes it too big on smaller browsers or devices.
I am playing with just adding grey dots down the page which are hidden on mobile, it is not pretty and has a number of pitfalls, but if not possible even with javascript it will have to do. Any chance of doing it with weavers color flow and/or javascript?