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Look into BlueHost.com. There may or may not be better, but I’ve been using them for longer than any other host I’ve used before – probably going on 5 or 6 years now.

Their rates are MUCH less than what you quoted – like just $5 or $6 for unlimited  domains. Don’t know about e-mail for sure, but they can provide it. I generally don’t use their e-mail servers, but rather use forwarders to a gmail.com account which has much better spam filtering than can be provided by hosting companies.

Now that I see your e-mail, I’m guessing that perhaps the issue is that the Weaver Xtreme Plus updater currently has been using an http:// protocol instead of https://.

The next update will switch to https://, which may solve the issue. You can always login to the shop.weavertheme.com account, and download the latest version and do a manual install. I’m not sure when the version with https:// will be released – yours is the first report of any issues with that, and of course there’s no guarantee that the change will meet whatever restrictions they’ve added.