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My apologies for butting in here but my tuppenny contribution for what it’s worth is to say that any serious developer who considers $150 per 18months for unlimited sites unreasonable, should perhaps be looking at their business model.
$100 dollars per year is a snap for such a fantastic product that can potentially earn them a great deal of money.
I am not a serious developer in any way, I’m just very enthusiastic and I maintain a couple of friends’ sites and a couple of local community charity sites and not one of them had any issue whatsoever about the Weaver Plus fee and they are people who can least afford…
Anyone in business today who is serious about the maintenance of their business knows the value of a well constructed website, in many cases it is crucial to the success of their business and they wouldn’t think twice about the Plus fee. It simply becomes a necessary cost of sale in the accounts, but it’s a cost of sale that can potentially earn them more business by making their website more flexible, attractive etc etc.
At the other end of the scale, I was asked recently to have a look at another friend’s website (a wordpress site – can’t remember which theme, it doesn’t matter) and to cut a long story short, what my friend wanted simply wasn’t going to be achieved with the existing theme. I suggested he downloaded Xtreme which he did and now his site rocks along a treat. He then considered Plus and obviously was having a bit of a think about it when his daughter asked him to make a site for her new business…….Result? Plus will soon be purchased and father and daughter more than happy to split the fee.
Whichever way you cut the cake this is a fantastic product and it simply cannot be maintained for nothing.
Rant over!!