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There is a new unlimited site, 18 month license for $150, probably $100 for renewal.

This is really necessary if Weaver is to remain an actively supported theme.

The number of Weaver II Pro sites is on a continuous upward slope in numbers, while the revenue generated is a steady downward trend the past year or so. That does not give the incentive needed to continue support and development. A model that helps provide a steadier income flow helps.

I do continue to be amazed at how little people value their own time. Weaver Xtreme is so much better than Weaver II Pro. It will without any doubt whatsoever save each person using it at least several hours of development time for any given site. Spread that over just a few sites, and we’re talking about saving hours and hours of your own valuable time. Just assume a truly absurdly low number of saving yourself 10 hours over a dozen sites. To avoid paying for a multi-site license for Weaver Xtreme Plus, you are paying yourself a pretty measly $10/hour. And is this just a very base case. I just don’t get why people don’t understand that by paying for a better tool, you will pay yourself back many times over, and that the tool maker will then be able to provide you better and better tools.

These aren’t Phone apps used by hundreds of thousands of users for 99 cents. These  are software tools targeted to a fairly small group of people building a custom website without requiring extensive custom PHP coding as is usually the case for WordPress themes. There literally is no other theme that allows the kind of customization that Weaver Xtreme does.