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This is a hard one. It seems that a number of theme providers are in the $90-$100 per year range for access, updates & support. I would think that something in the $130-$180 every 18 months might be OK.I suppose it depends on how many developers you have as customers that are using more than 12 licenses. I am not a huge developer but  I have been using Weaver exclusively on many more than 12 sites. Your old pricing was more than excellent (pay one time for unlimited use and support) and I understand the need to move on to more sustainable pricing. It’s just a big jump from where it was and it is essentially just one theme (albeit a great and flexible one!). Your support is excellent. I’ll most probably use the new WeaverXtreme on small sites and stick with Weaver II Pro for a while for existing and new, more demanding sites and use the Xtreme Plus when I can get the client to spring for the individual license. Just some thoughts. I’ll keep informed via your forum (for some reason I am not receiving the emails even though I am set to get them?). Thanks for responding and willingness to work with us.