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This appears to be a dated thread with no resolution?  In late December 2015, this same thing is happening to me.  I have Weaver Xtreme Pro and all during the 2015 year did not have any problems activating a license.  Now two of my sites show this message: “License Status Code : invalid. (For security reasons, unknown keys are considered expired.)” when I retrieve the License Status Code. In the Weaver Xtreme Activation box, it says: “
License Status: Invalid / Not Activated – The current License Key is not valid or is not activated.

You may have manually deactivated this site from your shop license
management account – click the “Update License Key” button to try to
activate, or you may reactivate this site on the shop account..

Your Key may have expired, or may be entered incorrectly. License server may be temporarily unavailable. Note: This plugin will continue to function, but you will not get automatic updates until it has been activated.”

Any help would be appreicated.  Thank you