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You definitely seem to have lost many of your settings, and some new one have been activated.
I do not see how updating the theme could have both lost settings and activated new ones.
@weaver may have more ideas on how that could have happened

1- Ideally, if you had downloaded a copy of your settings before, from the save restore page, I would suggest to try and load them back up from Save Restore > Upload settings from file saved on computer.

If you did not download a backup of your settings, you need to take the habit of doing so every time you make design changes.

2- The next solution would be to ask your host provider to restore a backup of everything from before you did the update. If that brings the site back as it was, then Download a backup of your settings from save restore, and try the update again.

3- If for some reason you cannot restore a backup with the proper settings, then you will have to manually fix them.
Below are some of the obvious things I see, but there may be more.

Right now your menu is set to be fixed at the top.
Change that in Main options > Menus > Primary Menu Bar > Fixed Top menu drop down list > Select “Standard Position: Not fixed”.

Below that review all the color options, as if you menu is black, they must be changed

For the background, same type of problem, some of the full width options appear to have been checked.
Go to Main Options >  Full Width Page, and uncheck them all. I see at least that the header and the info bar are have the Extend BG checked, but uncheck them all

You are also missing you gradient background so that will need to be put back in, and there are no background set for the wrapper, which should probably be made white.