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Forum software is generally installed either through your website host’s cPanel, or as a plug-in installed into the WordPress theme.  Most themes are compatible with these plug-ins, including Weaver Xtream.  I haven’t played with it enough yet to be able to detail the pros and cons of each method.

Since you seem to be completely new, I have one big suggestion for you to get you learning quickly – WordPress, themes, plugins, etc. :
Download and install the free program Instant WordPress.  It runs directly from your personal computer, recreating all of the database and other software that would normally be installed on the website host’s server.  This way you can learn WordPress, test themes, and experiment with layout and design before even starting an account with a website hosting service.
And since Instant WordPress doesn’t actually install, it just extracts some files into a folder, you can have as many different instances of Instant WordPress as you wish to play with different ideas simultaneously.  You can even extract the files onto a flash drive to use anywhere on any computer.


I hope this helps.