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@scrambler could you help me again with this same issue – this time its with sub menu pages.

I’ve found its also possible to do this with pages where the top link is a dummy link URL #
example: http://www.art-treasures-gallery.com/genuine-chinese-antiques/  where there are multiple pages listed under About Us and About Us stays highlighted as a navigation cue when one of the sub pages is open

With Bajanthings I was looking to have a few sub menu pages under the actual Welcome page.  At the moment I only have one sub menu (Webesite). http://www.bajanthings.com/website/
My guess is that I need to replace .single-post ref but I’m not sure what I need to replace it with?

/* Keeps Welcome menu-item-95 bold when sub pages are viewed */
.single-post #menu-item-95 > a {font-weight:bold;}

Many thanks