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These “parallax” style designs are now supported as of Weaver Xtreme 0.97 which I will post soon.

The thing needed to get these working was, in fact, a new page template which is a modification of the old Weaver II Raw template.

The new Raw page template will have only the #wrapper, #header, #page-raw, and #colophon divs. There will be no default styling for the #page-raw div, so it will normally take the full width of the #wrapper. No sidebars, no injection areas added to the Raw page template. And note, no #container or #content div.

Then the idea is to use posts to make up each horizontal content area and add them via the ATW Show Posts shortcode. The per page custom CSS can be used to set the width, make a maximum width, and add a bg color.

I plan to add these as options to the ATW Show Slides plugin so that the slider posts type can also be used to make the horizontal content areas, but for now, adding custom per post styling will work just fine.