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Thanks Scrambler for your generous answer. 

And Yes, Weaver, it would be GREAT and a VERY BIG deal to us designers/developers if you had an efficient way to add “stackable” full-width backgrounds to this. Because of responsive/mobile sites, my savvy and design-oriented prospects and clients are VERY aware of this look – the one page website with a menu that has anchors to different colored full-width sections – and many like it.  When they want it, it makes me have to hack the code in ways I don’t want too, or look at other themes that offer this easily (and I now HATE using any framework other than Weaver Pro II !!!) Now, we don’t need full content to be site-wide as much as mere colored background sections that go sitewide. Again, see the http://www.LeanPath.com website. I can see “stackable” full-width backgrounds that allow lesser-width content frames within. So what about adding an option for content sections like how you do for widgets where we can make as many as we want? Maybe that’s a pro feature. I’d sure pay for that!