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What do you mean by wrapped? Try the customizer, and just try out the different options. We’ve included every option that makes any sense at all.

With Content – top and FI Alignment – Left will put the FI at the top of the content with the content wrapping to the right side. This is perhaps the most commonly used layout of FIs in a multitude of web sites, and really the only “wrapping” options that makes much sense. Where else would you want it wrapped?

If you mean somewhere in the middle of the content, like having content on 3 or 4 sides of the image, that is not possible. The FI is a separate entity from the content, and to have an image in the middle of content, you really have to explicitly place that image directly within the content. Otherwise the theme would have to decide some arbitrary and most likely stupid place to break up your content and add the FI image. That obviously would never look very good by mere chance. If you need that sort of placement, then you have to insert an image directly from the Media Library where you want it.