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Big part of the issue: if ( function_exists(‘weaverii_use_mobile’) ) always returns false. The function does not exist. Weaver Xtreme is the active theme and Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin is active. So what happened to the weaverii_use_mobile function?

If this function doesn’t exist, then how would the vimeo shortcode in Weaver Xtreme Theme Support ever work for mobile devices? It probably doesn’t. See lines 437-438 in Weaver Xtreme Theme Support:

    if (function_exists(‘weaverii_use_mobile’))
        if (weaverii_use_mobile(‘mobile’)) $percent = 100;

[show_if] and [hide_if] can’t do what I need to do, so an answer that references these shortcodes is not what I am looking for.