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4) Pages. Posts. Content specific changes

• Go back to Tools > Weaver Converter > Convert Per Page and Per Post Settings section.
• First Click on “Generate Per Page/Post Pre Conversion report”. This will show you all that will be done, and you can see if some things won’t convert and what they are.
• Then Click “Convert Per Page/Post settings” to execute the conversion
• Now go through each page of your site and check if there are still things that need to be done like:

– Adjusting the sidebar configuration, taking advantage of the new stacking modes that area available for mobile.
– If you used Custom Fields check if they are using the proper/best HTML Insertion Area
– Take advantage of the numerous new per page options.
– If you have “Plus”, Pages now have a “per page style box”, so if you had page specific Custom CSS rule starting with .page-id-xxxx you could move these in their respective pages.

5) Shortcodes

  • Shortcode content:
    In + Xtreme Plus > Xplus Save/Restore > Restore settings from your computer, browse to the wxplus file downloaded earlier and click “restore options from Specified file”.    
  • Activate the Weaver Theme Compatibility plugin. If you get messages indicating some shortcode cannot be made compatible, you will have to go and edit these manually

You may have to change their name like from  weaver_xxxx to just xxxx as well as their options if not identical in Xtreme and Weaver II.

  • If you used the [weaver_show_posts] shortcode, You will need to use the Weaver Show posts plugin (used to be called ATW show posts) to create the new equivalents of your shortcodes. Weaver Show post gives you the same functionality plus more, with a much easier user Interface to configure what you need. If can also be combined with Weaver SHow slider to create post sliders.

6) Final Review

Once you have everything done, take the time to go through all your site pages examine the mobile behavior, and think if some of the new Xtreme features would actually allow you to do a better job than before.
If you have “Plus” one of the areas that you can improve, are the behavior of multiple widgets in widget areas. You can now define variable width for each widget and decide for a different layout on desktop, small tablets and phones. You can also equalize the widget height if you are using a widget background. (Check the tutorials index linked previously)

7) Backup

Last but not least, go to Main options > Save / Restore, Click Save Settings to make a copy in the database, and click Download All Settings to keep a local copy.
If you have “Plus”, go to + Xtreme Plus > Xplus Save/Restore page, and Click Download Save ALL Settings, to download a local copy of EVERYTHING…

NOTE: A user reported the  following issue http://forum.weavertheme.com/discussion/12539/tip-when-converting-from-weaver-ii-pro-to-xtreme-deactivate-wp-minify

WP Minify combines and compresses JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

Tip: When you convert your website from Weaver II-pro to Extreme, (temporary) de-activate the WP Minify plugin because your JavaScripts will be totally messed up resulting in HTTP Error code 400: Bad requests.

As usual if I messed up something, speak up, and feel free to add your own experience with this process 