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Once you do the conversion, there are Two download buttons. One for the theme and one for the plus plugin (Steps below)

Did you click on both download buttons ?

2) Converting Settings

A- First read through the Plugin Help page in Tools > Weaver Converter > Help (from the main WordPress left menu bar)

B- Then in the Main Plugin page Tools > Weaver Converter > Conversion option section, you can browse to the w2b setting file you just downloaded, and click “Upload convert theme/backup” to convert the setting file.
After the conversion is done, you get a detailed list of the conversion result. That lists will also be available after you have transitioned to Xtreme.

Note 1: The Setting conversion does not do anything to your site, it just creates a New Xtreme Setting file that you can then download and use once you will have activated Xtreme.

C- Next click “Download” to actually download the Xtreme setting file wxb file).

D- Then click the Download button below that downloads converted shortcodes settings for the “plus” plugin.