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You can simply run the conversion again to regenerate the report. Just reload the original Weaver II settings file you used, and you’ll see the same report.

The conversion is totally non-destructive – as far as the normal options settings go, nothing is applied until you save the converted settings and then load the converted .wxt or .wxb file directly.

The only one-shot conversion is the conversion of the Per Page/Per Post settings. You can re-run the Per Page conversion to get the report again, but the settings are only converted the first time you click the convert button. Any other time, you’ll get the report, but the settings are not created again. Even so, this conversion is non-destructive in the sense that the original Weaver II per page/post settings are retained. The per page/post conversion needs to be done on the actual content of the final site – either on a duplicate of the site that you plan to transfer to the original site, or on the original site itself. This is because unlike the theme settings which are in a separate database entry and can be saved to a settings file, the per page/post options are associated directly with each page or post’s content, and exist only on the site with those specific pages and posts.