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I am now revisiting this and need to know best way to proceed.

I have created a menu under appearances called “bottom”.
I want a simple horizontal menu in the post-footer that looks something like this site.  Please note this site was done in Weaver Pro II. I am working on a different site in Xtreme. 
I can use the Secondary menu to define the CSS or I can put the CSS in the Custom CSS Rules. I assume I can also set the background color using #inject_postfooter in Custom CSS Rules also. That is not the issue or question I have. 
The question I have is what is the equivalent of the following line which in Weaver Pro was entered in the HTML > Post Footer:
<div style=”text-align: center;”>[weaver_extra_menu menu='bottom' style='menu-horizontal' css='width: 100%; ]</div>

What is the Xtreme equivalent of weaver_extra_menu?