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Global styling for ALL widgets are in Main Options > Sidebar & Layout > Individual Widgets

If you wanted to style all widgets in the footer area differently, you could put rules like below in The Footer Widget Area BG CSS+ box

.widget {color:red;}

If you wanted to change text color and link color, the way to build the multiple rule would be

.widget {color:red;} %selector% .widget a {color:blue;}

The logic is that Xtreme adds the selector of the option in front of what is in the box, so for the first rule, you only add what comes after that. If you have more than one rule to put in, you need to insert the area selector using %selector% in front of each succeeding rule.

Regarding your remark on area_style… this is about the widget area Shortocde, which has nothing to do with this but has to do with inserting a Per Page widget area somewhere else. Read below item 1) B) for more on this