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“The Plus Plugin adds the “Custom Widget Widths” option.”… It’s like uncovering a goldmine with Xtreme again and again.

I did the example on my test site. If you look at the footer, using 3 footer widgets, first row is in 2 columns) and second row is the horizontal menu.

Then I used what I had which as shown: first row (2 columns) from footer html and the menu is from post footer (thinking about putting this in bottom of footer anyway).
Problem is different font, colors, link colors, etc. How do I style the footer widget text including the link colors? Even though I did define under footer the text color, link color, hover color, etc. it is not using it. What is show for the 2nd set of footer info is the style I want to use.

I am also looking at the Plus help and it indicates I can use shortcode: area_style=’area-style-name’, but I don’t know where to define this. Or should I just put the style in the html text that I am using in the footer widget.