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Unfortunately, that “someone” would have to be me, and I simply don’t have the time to devote to working trying to figure out what a plugin has done wrong to make it break feeds when used with Weaver.

One of the main issues is having time to actually getting the plugin to be setup. They have a “simple” setup, but I can’t make heads or tails of it to even try to see what might be going on.

And I don’t really understand what the real issue is to begin with. Perhaps a clarification on that would help.

Briefly stated, I think that plugin lets you set up podcasts somehow as either regular posts, or perhaps a custom post type. I would suspect that you can then display those posts in some fashion on your site just like regular posts? How are you doing that? From the default blog page? Using a shortcode? Using a Weave Page with Posts? Using [show_posts]?  Does that part work correctly?

The issue, as I understand it, comes when you try to look at the Feed of those posts using a browser. Is that right? Does the plugin setup a special feed address for that?

Or is there a more general problem displaying the posts with podcasts on your site? Or is it JUST the feed?

Since I don’t know anything about that plugin, I really need to know what is not working.

Because themes in general don’t have anything to do with feeds, it is somewhat difficult to even know where to begin on tracking down the incompatibility.