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….hm…thats a sad thing to know.

after i am that far with the Site (didn’t see the problem coming)…..it’s for a Customer, who doesn’t want to edit any h1 or other things. He only want to write the title and text without formatting anything.
He means, that it is a Problem, that there is a link…and that is true, cause of the 404 Page wich is showing up…cause of the permalink Problem.
And i also took out the entry-title a line from the atw-show-posts.css and php. Dosne’t change anything eather.
really don’t know what to do with this. Sure i will try to disable the Plug ins. But i saw, that somethings are changed, after i activate them again, thats why i fear that. And i don’t have that much plug-ins.
Thank you for your Time, Scrambler!