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  1. The code anchored by “require_once ‘glob.php’ has been in production since March.
  2. The functions you asked about (opendb, display_murphys) are all in glob.php (‘glob’ is shorthand for global).
  3. The PHP execution plugin, that was working before the Weaver pop-up warning, did handle loading via require_once, and well as preserving variables between [insert_php][/insert_php] calls.
    1. I take it from your comments above that this is not possible using Weavers [php][/php]? If so, then I’m going to be sunk for a long time (harsh given I spent a few months porting the old raw HTML site to WP.
  4. The multiline issue … requires classic editor Text … I’m not quite certain we have the same definition here, but I tried it setting page template to raw and edit everything in text view. Didn’t change anything. The php plugin I was using before did not have that requirement though.
  5. I have 440 lines of code in glob.php, so shifting over to snippets is not possible. Hence, we need to pursue what the Weave/Xtreme/warning pop-up was about. That is the one event between the site working fine and not working.

REPEATING (3rd time):

“So, let me ask the question another way: with a site being update to WP 6x, does Weaver produce any type of warning pop-ups, and if so, can you give me all of them so I can see if any look familiar to what I saw today?”

This is important because the pop-up warning I received this morning during a screen refresh mentioned “Weaver”, “Xtreme” and “update”. Since the site was health on a screen refresh last night, but bombs today after that popup, something associated with Weaver Xtreme occured. Your answer to the question above is important.