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Before you read what follows, please answer the question I posed “So, let me ask the question another way: with a site being update to WP 6x, does Weaver produce any type of warning pop-ups, and if so, can you give me all of them so I can see if any look familiar to what I saw today?”

This is important because the pop-up warning I received this morning during a screen refresh mentioned “Weaver”, “Xtreme” and “update”. Since the site was health on a screen refresh last night, but bombs today after that popup, something associated with Weaver Xtreme occured. Your answer to the question above is important.


I’ll give the refresh a try, likely tomorrow. Please keep the ticket open.

I just activated 2021. The old PHP plugin still generated plain text (interesting), but of course the Weaver [php] did too since Weaver was not active.