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  1. Were it not for the Weaver pop-up warning that I brushed past this morning while refreshing the screen, I wouldn’t bother you. But that is the primary clue from between last night (A-OK) and today (PHP not executing).
  2. I have the site back to where it was this morning, and …
    1. The PHP is still not executing using the old plugin, but the embedded code rendered as text
    2. When using the Weaver [php][/php] codes instead, we get a “critical error” (see below)

So, let me ask the question another way: with a site being update to WP 6x, does Weaver produce any type of warning pop-ups, and if so, can you give me all of them so I can see if any look familiar to what I saw today?

Here are two links, one to the page using the pluggin that worked before the Weaver warning pop-up of this morhing (https://www.cynical.ws/wb-plugin/) and what happens when I use the Weaver [php] shortcode (https://www.cynical.ws/wb-weaver/).