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Thanks, but let me rewind this a bit:

  1. Site was working yesterday. No inserted PHP code changes at all.
  2. I updated the site to WP 6.01 yesterday morning, site worked all day using the old plugin (the older Woody code snippets (PHP snippets | Insert PHP).
  3. Did a refresh this morning (while half asleep) and there was a Weaver warning message which I did not carefully read, but which mentioned something about upgrades (sorry I didn’t think to capture that, but I was just refreshing the page).
  4. Site when dead.

Putting the site back like it was (not raw page, and the Woody [insert_php] code, the php is not being processed, as if something in the Weaver warning/update/whatever, had added a filter.

So it might be a good starting point to determine what that Weaver message of this morning was. Do you have a way I can spelunk that? Any logs within Xtreme that captures such?