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Feel like I’m too dumb sometimes @scrambler. You were correct about the menu. I forgot to allocate it to the primary menu. Once I did that then all was as it should be!

I added the first CSS to my site but the spacing is still off. Or maybe it just looks that way because of all of the maroon colors (owner’s choice) blending together? It appears to me that there’s more space between the title of the first widget & the content of that widget. Than there is between the title of the second widget & the content of that widget. Does it look the same to you?

I did trim the “Family Tymes” image down a bit. But the space below it is still too far apart from the next widget. I can’t trim the image down any more. It will cut that image off at the bottom of it. How do I decrease some of the “white space” below that image & above the next widget?

And how can I get the widget titles centered? I don’t see that as an option in the Weaver Xtreme Sidebars & Layouts.