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Menu wise, Have you created a Custom Menu, AND Have you allocated that menu to either primary or secondary menu.

It sounds like you may have forgotten to allocate the custom menu to the primary menu.

For the widget titles, they come from different widgets that are using different classes. The first two come from blocks and are styled by h2 and have the class widgettitle. The third one is an h3 with the class widget-title

To make the first two the same medium size and margins as the third, you can either change the h2 globally with the Custom CSS rule below (placed in the theme global custom CSS rule box)

h2 {font-size:1.5em;margin:0 0 .1em 0}

Or only the h2 in a widget with

.widget h2 {font-size:1.5em;margin:0 0 .1em 0}

The reason for the extra space below the Family Tymes image is the white space in the image, cut the image to fix that