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Where do I change the settings so the spacing is the same for both sidebars? You can see at https://familytymes.org/wp/ that the left sidebar text spacing is different than the right sidebar. I cannot find the place to change the spacing for them.

Next question: If you look at one of the “Category” pages: https://familytymes.org/wp/category/holidays-family-traditions/ you will see that there are two headings (one smaller than the other). Where do I find the place where I can remove the smaller heading? I have searched the Online Forum & the Online Guide to no avail.

Next question: Looking on the same page: Is there a way to have those articles open in a new tab? I would love to know the answer to this, as I could use it on many other, of my Weaver Xtreme (& Weaver Xtreme Plus) theme sites!