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First, the current version of the theme is 5.0.7, so you need to update!

You also need to have the Xtreme Theme Support Plugin Version 5.0.1

Next regarding the Layout of the post title and featured image, there are many options built in the theme for you to try

You can find these options in either locations below

Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main options > Post Specifics > Featured image > FI Location Excerpt.

Appearance > Customize (in Where Mode) > Post Specifics > Post Featured image > Featured image Excerpt posts > Featured image Location

For the Featured Image location, I believe you want to choose “Before page/post, No Wrap”, and aligned left. Feel free to explore all the various options there.

Beyond that, we can fine tune using Custom CSS. There is no need for a Child theme for Custom CSS, it can all be placed in the theme Global Custom CSS Rule box. A child Theme is only needed if you are making PHP changes to the theme template or functions.

If tweaks are needed, we will need a link to the site page in question so we can be sure of the Custom CSS to give you.