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I tried your suggestion.

  1. Created new category, test. Then applied that category, test, to one of the posts that had been announcements.  Unclicked the announcements category for that post.
  2. For the second post, I applied the test category, but left the original announcements category.

Same results: https://richmondcarotary.org/home-test-1/

I downloaded Weaver Xtreme and activated on a duplicate, testing site: https://richmondcarotary.org/stage

I have some minor questions (you can direct me to the forum for this if know I can get the answers there quickly):

  1. I want the nav bar below the Rotary banner, as on the active site. I do that in the Customize > Menu settings, Publish. But then when I view it live, it pops to the top of the window, as you see it.
  2. I want to delete the space above the banner and the search icon (I’ll use the left side slide-out search function instead). I don’t see how to do that.
  3. I change the Title in the Primary Sidebar, using the Customize controls. Should inherit same font as other headlines, Open Source, regular. I see that in Customize preview, but then the published site shows it as an italic serif-font.

I’m trying to avoid conflicts between Additional CSS and the Customize widgets.

Thank you.