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It is difficult to understand where something could have gone wrong.

So I assume your process is:

  1. On the Dashboard->Appearahce->Widgets screen, create several instances of the Wvr Plus Flex Columns widget by dragging to the Widget Shortcode “Widget Area”.
  2. You fill in the content of each flex column widget in the Widget Short area
  3. You then copy the generated [widget id=”wvrx_columns-3″] shortcode to wherever you want it displayed on a regular page.

So what numbers are getting messed up? I tried adding, deleting, changing number of text boxes, and editing the different Flex Column widgets in the Widget Shortcode list. The content of the flex column widgets did definition change, and the ids (e.g.: wvrx_coulumns-57) did not change for me- they remained the same. I even removed a flex definition from the shortcode “list”, and the generated number stayed the same.


So I’m not exactly sure what might be wrong. The technique you’re using seems to work. It does seem that you’ve added a whole bunch of Flex widgets to the Widget Shortcode area.

It is possible that there are memory issues with that plugin.

And now that I think I understand how you are generating the pages – it seems to be a catalog of “Modulbereich” (which translates to “module area”). I would say that you’ve created an overly “clever” way to build a database that has become difficult to maintain. Either the widget shortcode has reached some capacity limit (it doesn’t seem that each flex column definition will have changed).

A better approach, and one I hope might be easier to maintain and edit would be to consider some sort of database plugin. It looks to me that your might really have the equivalent of a spreadsheet. One possible interesting plugin is a table manager: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tablepress/

You also might be able to use a catalog plugin, even an e-commerce plugin to treat each module as a product or product line?

But creating your own learning module (I guessing that is what you have – difficult to really know since I don’t speak German) with the wrong tool is likely to remain difficult.