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Is the I/O issue constant, and can you monitor it?

If so:

  • Have you tried to actually deactivate ALL non weaver plugins and see if the I/O isse chages?
  • Have you tried switching to a different theme temporarily and see if it makes a difference?
    If it does, it could be worth doing a full refresh of the Weaver stuff by doing the following:

    • Save your weaver settings and download a copy for good measure
    • Switch to a different theme
    • Delete ALL weaver theme and weaver Plugins
    • Reinstall and activate The Xtreme Theme from WordPress, and check the I/O
    • Reinstall and activate the Xtreme Theme Support plugin and any other public Weaver plugin from WordPress and check the I/O
    • If you have plus, do the same with the Xtreme Plus Plugin, using a freshly downloaded version from your weaver account