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I’ve started moving to Extreme… Getting it to look more or less how I want it. However, I’m stuck on several points. Maybe you have some pointers?

  • Above the header, there is a text: “Verhalenmaker. Misschien wilt u een jubileum … het thema.” I suspect that it is a sticky note – however, in my entire installation, I cannot find where I typed it. I probably want to get rid of it – so the picture is the top of the page. How can I do that?
  • I do not like the font of the titles of the posts and of the elements in the side bar on the right. Where can I change those fonts to be in line with the other sans serif fonts?
  • I would like to change the hover-color of the titles of the posts. Now it is red, where do I change that colour?
  • How can I remove the search icon in the picture in the header? I want only the search widget in the right hand column.
  • How can I remove the wordt “Verhalenmaker” (the title of the site) from the menu bar. For one it it redundant and second it is aligned awkwardly.

Any help or pointers appreciated!