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I have no recollection of what the 2010 weaver settings are, but a couple of things to check.

In case blog pages are similar to the new weaver theme, are you creating the Blog page using a Page based on the page with post template or are you using the default WordPress Blog page?

To know if you are using the default WordPress Blog page, go to the Dashboard Settings > Reading and check what you have under “You home page displays”

  • If you have selected “your latest post” then you are using the WordPress default blog page and the theme settings don’t’ apply.
  • If you have selected a Static page, then the home page is created with the page named in the Homepage dropdown list below that. If so, you can go to the page editing page of that page, and check if it is using the page with posts template (if that exists in weaver 2010…) and if the page is set to display posts as excerpts or full posts.

All that being said, you are using a completely OBSOLETE theme and therefore at this time Unsafe!
You are also lucky it still works with the latest WordPress version, and it could become incompatible at any time.

Your layout looks fairly standard, and I would highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Weaver Theme which is the Weaver Xtreme Theme (together with its Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin). They are free, and you will likely find a subtheme that will get you very close to what you have now. We can then help you fine tune the layout using the various theme options.

It will also make your site much more compatible with today’s Mobile devices (which account for the majority of the browsing). And if you wish, you will be able to take advantage of the newer layout features like full width areas to refresh the look of your site 🙂