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The Xtreme Plus plugin has had several changes in the past 6 years, but we’ve tried to keep even the oldest version compatible, but obvioudly not supporting the upgrades to the plugin.

It is possible that something might not quite work with the latest Weaver Xtreme which has had fairly big changes over the past 6 years.

When opening the link you gave to the site, I see it shows a tiny bit at the top, but then nothing. Looking at the source shows that the site does not finish generating the HTML, which usually means a PHP crash. This could be as simple as a PHP version issue.

The best thing you could do to help would be to edit the wp-config.php file in the site’s root directory, and change or add the line:

define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );

which should then print error messages as to why the site crashes. Without those error messages, it is impossible to tell anything.


Note: the site did generate enough HTML to show you’re running the latest Weaver Xtreme 5.0.6 and Theme support 5.0.1, but using Plus 3.1.1. The current version is 4.0, so there is some chance there is an incompatibility which the error messages are likely to reveal.