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I am using an Image slider. Sorry for the confusion.

All my images are 1000 px by 1000 px. before the slider determines the size.

I have the below option checked, in the Weaver Post and Slider Options, but it won’t push the images to my medium image size from the site.  When I use large it makes the images 600px by 600 px which IS my setting for Large Images.

Image Size from Media Library

<select name=”imageSize”>
<option value=”thumbnail”>thumbnail</option>  selected=’selected’
<option selected=”selected” value=”medium”>medium</option>
<option value=”large”>large</option>
<option value=”full”>full</option>
</select>  Media Library Image Size to use for main slider image.

I have selected the images in a gallery in the Weaver Slider post.

I will see if I can find anything that correlates to the shadow, there isn’t anything in the CSS box, but I will keep looking.

Thanks so much, for any help you can give me.