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Yes, I agree it makes sense that we need to have a backup theme available for a number of reasons.

However, if there is a catastrophic issue with Xtreme and one needs to use Twenty Twenty (or a similar vanilla theme) while the issue Xtreme issue is fixed, is there any other theme or method available which will allow the importation of the essence of the Xtreme site elements?

My experience has been that moving temporarily to a vanilla theme means pretty much setting it up again from scratch for menus, side bar widgets and Front Page options.

Is there any way to import these setting’s functionalities – so that a vanilla theme operates the same as Xtreme for site visitors? (appearance colors and graphic aside).

Or would you suggest that we pre-configure a backup theme for such an eventuality – albeit that it is no longer then a ‘vanilla’ theme for testing?

Regards and thanks,