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I have the same issue that sameoldbob had but I still have it. I had the “white screen of death” so went to File Manager in cPanel and renamed some suspects. Nothing changed until I renamed weaver-xtreme to weaver-xtreme1. I could then log in to WP-Admin but got the message that weaver-xtreme was installed but missing a stylesheet. I went to the php manager in cPanel and updated my site to 7.4 but I’m still in the same fix. When I renamed weaver-xtreme, my site apparently switched to the backup theme, which is 2020.

How do I get Weaver-Xtreme back again, short of doing a restore to an earlier version of my website, which, for some reason, can’t be done right now. The hosting company says the backup server is “temporarily unavailable.” I really don’t want to rebuild my theme with the various options I selected so don’t want to delete weaver-xtreme and reinstall it.

Where are those “many posts” that explain this situation?