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OK, I seem to have found the issues.

  1. The CSS. That was incorrectly placed in the Advanced Options : Head Section box. I believe at one point, it would have been allowed by the Theme to add that CSS there, but HTML standards say that no <style> blocks are allowed in the <head> section, and Weaver Xtreme V5. now enforces that (but not perfectly). What happened is that Weaver Xtreme V5 stripped the <style> … </style> tags that were there, and thus the CSS shows up. I moved those rules to the Custom CSS block where it actually belongs, and that fixed it, plus the custom CSS now works.
  2.  The dim background image is the result of another change in V5 that in the pre-V5.0.4 versions improperly tried to ignore the WP core default background color setting, which has been removed from WP official support. That got fixed in the as yet un-released V 5.0.4 version. I did upload it to your /blog site, and that fixed the issue. (Use of that option seems to date back to older websites. I see your site was actuall converted from Weaver Xtreme II. I also discovered a similar issue with that option on one of the older sites I have which led to the fix just earlier today!)

At his point, you might want to revisit the Customizer settings as they now include a ‘Where” view that closely follows the organization of the old Legacy interface. Due to improvements in the WP Customizer implementation, it has gotten MUCH faster that it was a couple of years ago, and is quite usable, especially in how it shows the effects of the changes either immediately, or after a fast refresh of the page/post being edited.